Skye Sweetnam’s Pals Don’t Get Jealous Over Her Success

With landing a major record deal and travelling outside her native Canada, does she get a jealous reaction from pals when she returns home? “If they’re jealous, they haven’t told me,” she tells Chart magazine. “They act so excited when they’re around me, and they’re always talking — ‘Oh, Skye was on this, you have to watch her!’ and ‘This is my favorite song!’ They always want to learn the lyrics and they’ll sing it to me. They’re great and I’m always making sure I have time for them.”

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One thought on “Skye Sweetnam’s Pals Don’t Get Jealous Over Her Success

  1. hotstuff says:

    That song is crap. its didn’t even reach the 3:00 minute mark length wise. it was seriously a waste of 2 something minutes, she’s a cheap imitation, well cheap-ER imitation of Avril.

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