Slimmer Life For Bryan McFadden

The Sunday Mirror reports star Bryan McFadden has lost nearly 30 pounds after two weeks on the Atkins diet. “I can still eat burgers and fry ups but I just don’t touch carbohydrates,” said dad-of-two Bryan, 23. “To be honest, it did get me down when people were rude about my size, but this diet is a revelation. It’s really changed my life because I can still eat all my favorite things without putting on weight.”

The full story at has since been removed.

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2 thoughts on “Slimmer Life For Bryan McFadden

  1. angelM says:

    Oh come on if you look at the diet before I can see why Bryan was putting on weight! You don’t really need the Atkins die tot loose weight.If you eat smart-whole wheat carbs, fruit,veggies,lean meats,lean diary,no caloric drinks you can loose weight too and have a variety. If you’re going to eat bread have 2 slices not 5 or 6. IT is calories that count!

  2. BroadmindedMusic says:

    You also have to have a lot of willpower to be on a diet like Atkins. Not many stick with it and I see why. But anyway, moderation is key and much better for the long term. I hope he is able to keep the weight off once he starts eating normally again.

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