SNL Stint Takes Toll On Ashlee Simpson

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It appears Ashlee Simpson’s back career went from top of the charts, to barely scraping the top 40. After having a hugely successful summer, with a #1 album and a #1 single, Ashlee appeared to be going into the fall season as pop’s new #1 singer. But one performance ruined it. How has this affected her you ask? According to Mediabase, the people who tally up the radio numbers, Ashlee’s new single, ‘La La,’ which has gone for adds a few weeks ago, has only gained 133 spins since Monday and she is at a measly #40. The song which was a fan favorite looks to lose it’s bullet on radio within the next week. Her audience impressions are slightly over 6 million which is low considering the other songs around her. Ashlee’s album has also taken a hit. After racking up over 3,000,00 in sales, the album is going on a downward slide. And touring? Her first major headlining tour was scaled down from arenas to theatres and small concert halls. The fate of her career is up to the public and right now, it doesn’t look promising.

And Pal Out And About In LA

was photographed out and about in Los Angeles, California on Tuesday (November 30). Both Ashlee and her pal were trying to look in season by wearing scarfs even though LA’s sunny weather didn’t require it.

Connects With Her ‘Wannabe’ Character

‘Entertainment Tonight’ goes on-set with Ashlee Simpson for her debut starring role in ‘Wannabe’. “There’s a cool connection because it’s something similar to my lifestyle,” the 20-year-old Ashlee said of her character, who gets to sing in the movie. “It’s kind of fun because it’s so close to home, music and everything, so it’s more of a comfort when shooting this movie.”

Fake Ashlee Simpson News Hit The Net

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Word is spreading fast that Ashlee Simpson is scheduled to perform again on Saturday Night Live December 11th 2004. The article also said that Britney Spears would be hosting as Ashlee replaced her sister Jessica as the musical guest. This started with a joke post on Livejournal’s “Anti-Ashlee” community, and was spread across the internet via fansites.

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