SNL’s Lorne Michaels: Ashlee ‘Mortified’ After Lip-Synch Fiasco

‘Saturday Night Live’ Executive Producer Lorne Michaels told The Associated Press was “mortified” after walking off the stage of her second performance on the program over the weekend. Michaels added that a producer went and got Simpson out of her dressing room for the goodnights, telling her it “wasn’t the end of the world.”

Ashlee’s Father Joe Simpson On Z-100

Ashlee Simpson’s father Joe Simpson was on Z-100. He said that Ashlee had acid reflux and her throat was messed up, that’s why they had to use a backing track. He also claims that it was the drummers fault, that he started the wrong computerized drums and Ashlee didn’t know what to do. Joe said that Ashlee will sing her new song tonight LIVE and to watch her lips. The interview has since been removed from

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One thought on “SNL’s Lorne Michaels: Ashlee ‘Mortified’ After Lip-Synch Fiasco

  1. galleta says:

    And it wasn’t the end of the world no one would have even commented on it if she hadn’t tried to cover up and blame the band. Heck just admit to it and let it go, her lies are what made people angry.

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