Soap Star Blasts Victoria Beckham

1The Sun reports British soap actress Sally Lindsay is blasting former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, claiming the singer looks like she’s suffered a stroke. “Posh is a funny old bird,” the ‘Coronation Street’ star said. “I’m not a fan. I saw her live and she looks like a fly on hind legs. I do feel a bit sorry for her but why does she have to pull that awful face all the time? She looks like she’s had a stroke. I’ve always thought it was nicer to smile in a photo.”

Can Tomkat Help Launch Posh’s Hollywood Career?

The Glasgow Daily Record reports that Victoria Beckham is getting help from pal Katie Holmes to launch an acting career, as the pregnant actress is having fiance Tom Cruise mentor the former Spice Girl. “Victoria is interested in new projects after motherhood, acting being one of them,” a friend revealed. “Katie is really encouraging her to go for it and try for roles in Hollywood. She’s asked Tom to look for scripts for her and even suggested they might do a comedy together one day – they’re both big fans of romantic comedies.”

Posh: No Spice Girls Reunion Planned

Victoria Beckham tells The Sun that her recent meetings with former Spice Girls bandmate Geri Halliwell have more to do with Geri’s impending motherhood than any wish to get plot the girl group’s reunion. “Geri has stopped working so hard now she’s pregnant so we’ve been able to spend more time together,” Posh said. “She came to stay at my house and I’ve been looking after her a bit. Geri looks amazing, pregnancy suits her. She’s feeling really good and is very happy.” Beckham added, “We weren’t plotting a reunion. I haven’t got that many friends so it was lovely to spend time with Geri.”

Posh Opens Roberto Cavalli’s Fashion Show

The Mirror reports that former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham spoke about opening Roberto Cavalli’s fashion show in Milan. “I’ve been to so many fashion shows but I’ve never properly experienced a catwalk,” she said. “I was happy to accept Roberto’s invitation because I love him and his clothes.” She added: “Celebrities certainly work for fashion because people identify with them. If a woman sees a picture of me with a dress or a bag she wants it because she thinks it will make her look better and a success symbol.”

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