Sobbing Victoria Beckham Slaps David

The Daily Mail reports former Spice Girl slapped her husband David across the face after he admitted his 26-year-old personal assistant Rebecca Loos had been in his room at the height of their alleged affair.

“Victoria slapped him out of frustration and fury,” said a source who spoke to a family member yesterday. “She can’t believe he got himself into the situation where someone could allege he had an affair. When she heard of the possibility of a second girl, it all got too much for her and she snapped. David has been in tears and has been going on and on about how much he loves Victoria. He has promised he will not let anything like that happen again.”

Usher May Team With Posh If The Song Is Right

WENN reports Usher is keen to help Victoria Beckham re-launch her pop career – because he thinks the former Spice Girl is sexy and marketable. “If the sound was right and the opportunity came up, I’d be there,” Usher said. “Damon Dash worked with her because she’s extremely marketable, she’s sexy too. She understands what being an artist is all about and she’s incredibly hungry to be in the business.”

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2 thoughts on “Sobbing Victoria Beckham Slaps David

  1. LadyBugg says:

    Okay, already. How long are we going to talk about them teaming up?? I’m sick of hearing about this. If they’re going to make the song – than make the song. Why is this news that they’re thinking about teaming up? again?

  2. Jenna-Taylia says:

    Oh dear, a man who has cheated on his long-term girlfriend, teaming up with a woman whose husband is alleged to have had cheated on her recently! Cant wait to hear concept of the song!

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