Soccer Fans Target Justin Timberlake After Prediction

The Glasgow Daily Record reports Justin Timberlake thought nothing of predicting the result of Saturday’s big match between Manchester United and Manchester City as he was in town to perform at another sellout gig, but his correct prediction that United would triumph didn’t go down well with some. At Manchester’s Sugar Lounge on Saturday night the star was shocked to be greeted with a volley of abuse. “A group of City fans took great delight in shouting a few comments at Justin for being ‘United scum’,” reported an insider. “I don’t think he realized until someone explained it to him. Justin had no idea people take the game so seriously. He’s going to be more careful before shooting his mouth off in future.”

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9 thoughts on “Soccer Fans Target Justin Timberlake After Prediction

  1. stallion says:

    So he made a prediction that United would triumph and he was right about it so people got mad at him and insulted him. I don’t understand this but whatever. If he was right about the game than I don’t see what is the big deal

  2. kellybsblover says:

    Justin the only subject you know a lot about is Britney Spears. You’re not smart enough to make comments about anything else. Just stick to talking trash about Britney and you should continue to sell a lot.

  3. eLgato says:

    for someone who claims to be so into sports, you’d think he’d know that people in Europe are very sensitive when it comes to soccer. his “I’m all about sports” sherade is another part of his phony act.

  4. Britney_luvr says:

    YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND SOCCER, DO YOU?’, ‘Or you would obviously know that people take it seriously. I’m not surprised he likes Man. United. They are just like him. Big-headed, conceited, arrogant, pompous and moronic!

  5. xtina_rulz says:

    i would feel the same way if I was a city fan I mean come on how would you like it if Justin Timberlake this big *****en American “Superstar” came to ur town and started making predictions that you would lose in what is arguably the most important fixture on citys calender – the Manchester derby and was further endorsing ur rival (who you absolutely hate) Manchester United’s already overly endorsed name. And how typical of Justin always siding with the favourites never the underdogs

  6. Britney_luvr says:

    WELL SAID!!’, ‘He’s so fake it’s unbelievable. Yet it’s only Britney that gets called that. He obviously knows sh** all about soccer, and I’m sorry, but knowing the Beckham’s doesn’t mean he knows it all, or anything in that case. Next, he’ll be going to Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow with a Celtic top on and wondering why he’s getting dirty looks, LOL, come to think about it, I really hope he does that. I guess he’ll not be very welcome in Liverpool or Leeds now either.

  7. Britney_luvr says:

    EXACTLY!!’, ‘Justin and s*****my Man United (spit) are exactly the same. Big-headed, conceited, arrogant, pompous, moronic and let’s hope, that, like United everyone in England starts to hate Justin now as well. JUSTIN: YOU ARE A UNITED SCUMBAG!!

  8. Diablo27 says:

    You are the most immature people on the planet. My god Justin can’t even have an opinion anymore without people jumping down his throat. It just a *****in soccer game. And for him to bashed because his opinion of it is pretty damn sad. Nothing he will ever do or say will satisfy so leave the man alone. If he annoys you so much stop reading the posts nevertheless commenting on them. Grow up!

  9. bsg1hbk says:

    haha ok …here I a person from Manchester…a big follower of football and a hugeeee united supporter since birth ..i must say …….DON’T COMMENT ON OUR DERBY IF U DONT KNOW *****E. yes he was right but not because he knew *****e just because of our popularity. I’m not even a man *****ty fan and I’m insulted that he feels like he can just come into town and comment on our most important date and insult a team without knowing what in the flippin hell he’s talking about. A derby is for the people of Manchester to enjoy and get passionate about we don’t need some yank with 0 knowledge on the subject to come and make his silly little predictions that he pulls out of his arse.

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