Soluna Explain Best Indication How They’ve ‘Made It’ chatted with America and Aurora of Soluna recently. Asked what was going to be the biggest indicator that would show the group that they’ve “made it”, Aurora commented, “I think the best feeling that we ever get is watching other people sing our songs back to us. Having little kids call us up–friends that have the album and their kids call up and they sing us all of the lyrics. We have three songs in Spanish, and we have kids that don’t speak a word of Spanish sing the songs right back in Spanish to us, with their little phonetic interpretations of it, and that’s just the greatest feeling. The we were walking by and somebody that we knew had seen our video and he started doing our dance moves to the music video. And I just felt like for a minute–like, ‘Yeah, they knew our moves!’ That’s the coolest feeling, to watch other people enjoy what we made.” The entire interview at has since been removed.

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