Somber Spears Cancels Australian Promotions

arrived in Australia Wednesday morning and learned of the tragic terrorist acts in New York, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania and has cancelled her planned press conference Thursday to promote her new album says is titled “Britney”. A distraught Britney was too upset to talk to the Australian press upon arriving, going straight to her waiting car and headed to the hotel instead.

In a press release Britney stated:

“Due to the terrible sequence of events and tragedies in the United States that have impacted us all, I do not feel it appropriate to hold a Press Conference here in Australia for the launch of my album. This pales in comparison to what we have just witnessed. My thoughts and condolences are with our fellow citizens who have lost their lives and with their friends and families. Words can?t describe how I feel right now. I will be continuing with my schedules here in Australia as planned but I?m sure all of you will understand the decision that has been taken under the current circumstances. I would like to dedicate my time here in Australia to all those who lost their lives in this tragedy and their families and friends who continue to suffer.”

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