Some Moms Come Forward To Defend Britney Spears

The Associated Press reports many moms are rushing to the defense of after the singer has been repeatedly scrutinized for her mothering skills. “The woman just can’t get a break!” says Lenna Janick, a mother of two in Ijamsville, Maryland. “I mean, I’m not gonna say that I love her. I don’t know if she’s a good mother or not. But she’s human.” Janet Chan, editor in chief of Parenting magazine, said support for Britney began after her latest close call, when she tripped and almost dropped her baby son in New York City. “I think this last incident is the tipping point,” Chen said. “I’m not sure this means Britney Spears will be in every mom’s Hall of Fame. But this one caused them to say, ‘Hey, now we’re picking on her.'”

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