Sophie Ellis Bextor 2 Or 3 Songs Away From Finishing New Album

did a Q&A on her blog at MySpace (@sophieellisbextor), talking about her baby Kit and 5-year-old son Sonny, as well as her new Freemasons single ‘Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer)’ and if she’s making progress on her new album. The 30-year-old pop star says on the latter topic:

Absolutely. I’ve got some really good stuff and we’re nearly there, but I think I probably need another two or three songs. There are a couple of collaborations in the offing which might be quite good.

We’ll see. It’s all a matter of people’s diaries tallying up. I always get in trouble for saying when things are coming out, because then they change. But if everything goes to plan, I’m hoping to put out another single after ‘Heartbreak’, maybe in August and then have the album out later this year. That’s the intention, anyway.

Blogs About Baby Son Kit

April 17, 2009 – Sophie blogged at about the birth of her second son Kit, who was born nine weeks early on February 7th. “I wouldn’t say it was easy having a premature baby again,” Sophie said, haven also given birth prematurely to Sonny, “it’s a traumatic experience, but Richard and I got through it by telling ourselves that if Kit wasn’t in hospital then I’d still be pregnant with him. Knowing there wasn’t any way that he’d be home with us no matter how things had gone made it easier so we just tried to go with the slight feeling of limbo and tried to be patient as he started to get well enough to come home.”

Pregnancy Allows Her Time To Focus On Music

January 30, 2009 – Sophie is contributing blogs about her second pregnancy to Shloer. Sophie’s said in her first blog on January 16th:

For me being pregnant is almost an indulgence as it gives me more time to focus on my music. My favorite part of the album making process is song writing so I’m taking my time and really savoring it. Protecting myself and the baby is the most important thing at this time and being pregnant really does give you the chance to slow down, prepare for the birth and focus on the things you really want to do. One of my top tips would be to try to preserve your social life as much as possible when you’re pregnant as it reminds you that you’re you and not just a pregnant lady! I DJ, run a club night called Modern Love, and have been doing the odd gig too. I’m going to continue to do this as long as possible so I don’t feel defined solely as a pregnant woman. I still have lots of energy so I might as well keep active and happy.

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