Sophie Ellis Bextor Isn’t Sure Whether Baby #2 Is A Boy Or A Girl

Pregnant singer is juggling her second baby with a busy work schedule. When ITN asked whether baby #2 was a boy or a girl, she said, “It’s definitely one of those. I kind of feel like it’s another boy. But it’s not really based on anything. We haven’t asked the doctor to find out. I love having a son but I kind of feel like I’d be on familiar territory with that.” Sophie added that she’s finishing up a fourth album which should be out around August-September, and it will be “a return to the more dancey side of things.” Watch the interview below.

Discusses Insecurities, Odd Looks

October 12, 2008 – shares some thoughts in an article in today’s Sunday Times. “I was a confident child, but then my parents divorced,” Sophie explained. “I can see a big difference between me and my half-sister, who has grown up with happily married parents. She is far more secure than I ever was.”

The humble 29-year-old added, “When I was younger I realized I was never going to be conventionally pretty, so I thought: ‘So what if I look a bit odd? I’d better celebrate it’.”

Update: The entire story at has since been archived.

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