Sophie Ellis-Bextor Lays Down Law On Nude Pics

A poster on the Sophie Ellis-Bextor official site message board suggested he had nude photos of Sophie but were later proved to be partial nude pictures that were in Heat magazine. Sophie said, “No truly naked photos of me exist. Sorry. DHC and I have decided that any time those photos from Heat are posted, they will be removed.They were not supposed to be published ever.”

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Addresses US Market Attempt

February 6, 2002 – Sophie answered a series of fan questions on her official site’s message board including any plans on trying to bring her act to the U.S. Sophie said, “There were some questions about the States. I loved Fei de Sei’s question where they said I was a one hit wonder in America who had been forgotten. Sorry, but not even a one hit wonder! Groovejet made very little impact over the whole country. It was popular in certain states, but there wasn’t really lots to capitalize on. America is somewhere I’d love to visit for work but the time I go there is not for a while yet as I’ve got so much to do in Europe first.”

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Insists She’s The Real Deal Online

February 5, 2002 – After a message board poster questioned whether it was actually Sophie responding to questions on her official site’s forum, she responded, “I can totally understand your suspicions [sic] but – apart from anything else – who could I employ that would post for me at such random times?! Like now… 11pm on a Sunday! When I do webchats on other sites there is someone who does the actual typing. Here I don’t have to submit – it’s my choice – and so no one would pay for someone to do that typing. I’ll be doing the qu and a’s tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it…”

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One thought on “Sophie Ellis-Bextor Lays Down Law On Nude Pics

  1. randy says:

    sophie elllis bextor needs to pose nude, it could re-ignite her career and she should show off her post baby body. I’m sure she’s still fit

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