Sophie Ellis Bextor Puts Richard Jones In The Dog House

Sophie Ellis-BextorSophie Ellis Bextor sounded off on her husband Richard Jones over bassist’s recorded question posed to his wife on a radio show and a Tweet Richard sent to a music web site logged into Sophie’s account. The pop singer told her Twitter followers (@SophieEB):

So @thefeeling did the same radio tour as me last week, and Richard was asked to record a question for me to answer on one of the stations.

What do you think he asked? Something sweet? Something to put us both in a good light?

No. He asked me ‘do you like picking up my dirty pants off the floor and putting them in the laundry bin?’

This makes us BOTH LOOK BAD. (and I don’t like it)

Naughty R!!!

RT @thefeeling @Popjustice @sophieeb that was actually me. Wrong account. Whoops. R

@thefeeling you knew EXACTLY what you were doing! Apologize to my followers at once! It’s not even past the watershed.

“@Popjustice: I cannot believe what @SophieEB just tweeted me about fisting” I did not expect to read this today when I woke up this morning

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