Sophisticated Life Isn’t What Nick And Jessica Are About

Us Weekly caught up with and her 98 Degrees hubby to talk about their new MTV reality show ‘Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica’. “What’s shocking is that Nick and I are so normal,” Simpson said. “People expect us to have butlers and be sipping champagne with our celebrity friends. That might be Ben and J.Lo, but that’s not our life.” Lachey added, “It’s all trial and error for us. It gives a good overall feel of a typical marriage. Even the ugliness.”

Nick Lachey’s Golf Shocker

August 26, 2003 – Star magazine reports 98 Degrees star recently went golfing with buddies in Van Nuys, California and almost caused a big headache for a fellow golfer. On the third hole, Jessica Simpson’s hubby came within an inch of hitting another golfer in the head. Instead of yelling “Fore!”, Nick yelled “Sorry!” before running over to apologize. Lachey made up for it on the next hole, nearly getting a hole-in-one.

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6 thoughts on “Sophisticated Life Isn’t What Nick And Jessica Are About

  1. OohSexxy says:

    I think they are pretty much normal, and I like their show it’s cool I support them. hehe I like that “Ben and J.lo” comment she made also.

  2. bookmarker says:

    did you notice how Jessica ALWAYS has to put other people down just to make herself ‘seem’ better? isn’t it funny that Jess always targets SUCCESSFUL people? maybe that is because Jessica Simpson is such a HUGE FAILURE!

  3. weebongo says:

    Huge Failure. .Hows having a recording contract and her own show on MTV make her a huge failure. Maybe you’re the huge failure because you have to put her down to make yourself feel better.

  4. jazzprofounder says:

    I respect Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey for just making a nice living as a married couple. But sometimes I wish Jessica wouldn’t brag and put other love couples down just because they don’t have as healthy of a relationship as she does. Sometimes she talks as if her relationship is the most perfect thing in the world, which it probably is in her eyes. But anyways, all in all, I am happy for them. It looks like they are concentrating and focusing on having a real marriage. How come Jessica Simpson does most of the talking about the marriage, I want to hear what Nick has to say :)

  5. PandaBear2003 says:

    Just because you have a recording contract doesn’t make you a success. And the only reason the show is getting such high ratings is not because she’s a success it’s because she’s a moron and people are getting a lot of entertainment at her expense, that’s a failure. You are also a failure if your third attempt at a record sells half the amount of the previous one in the first week sales. Since irresistible was such a bomb it sold more in it ‘s first week than In this Skin sold. That my friend makes her a failure. Oh and before you think of insulting me, these are facts I’m stating. I don’t have to put Jessica down, Jessica is fully capable of destroying her career herself.

    Jessica does the talking because lying comes natural to her, Nick doesn’t talk because he hates having to lie.

  6. YogiBear says:

    Nick seems really down to earth, but Jessica is one spoiled brat. the girl is dirty and messy. she knows nothing about cleaning up after herself. Overall, the show is pretty funny and very normal, nothing over-the-top like the Osbournes.

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