soulDecision Loses 1 Member, Gains 3


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Dave Bowman has left , according to their official site. However, the pop group has turned into a quintet. Tino Zolfo, the new bass player, and James Reid, the new guitar player, have been part of soulDecision’s touring band for the past few years. The new drummer, Terepai Richmond hails from Australia, and was the drummer on their first album. They join Lewko and singer Trevor Guthrie. Read more.

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3 thoughts on “soulDecision Loses 1 Member, Gains 3

  1. hotstuff says:

    They opened for NSYNC but other than that, no one on this side of the continent knows them.

  2. Angel_Jtfan says:

    That Trevor dude is hot. In My Opinion. Or he was.. I haven’t seen him or the band around for like.. 3 years.

  3. rubberduckie17 says:

    soulDecision has a new website up,, where you can hear a couple clips of some of their new songs and their new CD is due out the first part of next year. They are actually going to be performing in Toronto next Wednesday (the 3rd).

    Dave Bowman left the group and started up a new band called Seven Lies. They have a website up now too,, and a new CD due out in early 2004. They also have clips up of all of their songs. They’re pretty good, you should check them out.

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