Source: ‘Justin’s Sick Of The Britney Virgin Stuff’

The Mirror reports now that *NSYNC’s and have gotten back together, they plan on being a more normal couple, not manipulated by their record company. The insider said, “Justin’s sick of the Britney virgin stuff. It makes him look ridiculous and it makes them look ridiculous as a couple. Britney’s fed up with it, too. They’ve resolved to try to be more of a normal couple and not just a pair of packaged pop stars whose romance seems to be handled by publicists.”

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7 thoughts on “Source: ‘Justin’s Sick Of The Britney Virgin Stuff’

  1. FracksAngel says:

    RIGHT!!! Cause we all really thought she was a virgin before she ever commented on the issue way back when. And since her career has become a borderline PORN career, it just confirmed our beliefs.

    Britney and Justin….otherwise known as “Barbie and Ken”!! Of course they are gonna be together…what guy wouldn’t want a “beautiful bombshell” that does the naughty stuff so well…….come on, I think we’ve all seen her Slave 4 U video, and now this I Love Rock n Roll crap…..what IS she trying to prove. Overprotected my ass!!

    As for them being BACK together…were they ever split in the first place? I mean, both of their careers thrive on publicity….they NEED this press. I mean, when was the last time Britney charted with a single? Um, wasn’t it Baby One More Time? Yeah, so we all know it’s not her music or movies keeping her afloat……

    I see this being a Nick and Mandy case…they’ll be on again off again before eventually ending for good, but in the mean time he’ll have to buy her expensive gifts to make up for HIS shortcomings.

  2. jimmyp says:

    yeah, yeah, yeah.. so what. I don’t think Britney’s fans really care if she is a virgin or not. I don’t know why the press keeps pounding on it too. Maybe the press wants Britney to hold a press conference to say she is no longer a virgin so they can have some great stories and headlines. Its getting annoying press.

  3. Danisha says:

    So they wanna appear to be less packaged, huh?

    They’re both as manufactured and pre-packaged as a slice of cheese. And as for the
    whole “virgin” thing? Please. whatever. No one
    ever believed she was a virgin anyway. Just
    like no one believes that he’s actually straight!!! JIVE has become the laughing stock
    of the industry and these two? LOL!!!

    The pathetic publicity stunts continue.
    If only anyone actually cared what those lump
    heads are up to now.

  4. annsangel says:

    Why should we blame it on Justin- Why is it always the fault of a man. Not one time has Justin said in public a bad thing about Britney nor has Britney said anything bad about Justin. Its always a insider- how do you know its not someone jealous of Brit or jealous of Just that starts these rumors. They never said they were broke up officially- they only commented they were single at this time- and you know they were single- they’ve never been engaged.

    So it takes two to make a relationship and it takes two to break a relationship.

    Having a good looking brother I can tell you some stories about girls. They call all night, come by all hours, have fights, jealous as all,
    cry, complain, etc. I could go on and on, So don’t blame everything on Justin.

  5. ckj says:

    you know what? it does not matter if Britney is a virgin or not, and to think that the media has nothing better else to do but be concerned about other people’s virginity, pay me some money i will make suggestions that every young person in the industry are not virgins, come on now, Britney is 20 years old its not like she’s 15 and pregnant. Give her a break and move on to something else.

  6. sierradawnskye says:

    You guys know, they were never, broken up. I would give my left arm for Justin to stop reassuring her in public, with his constant public professions of undying love for her. At the VMA’s, at the Tailgate Party, in the Celebrity C.D. Jacket, BET,on Rosie last year etc. To me, that was there business not mine. I would rather him thank me, so graciously, for buying that whack a55 album. All he was doing was making her look insecure like he was trying to prove something to her. I’ll bet you what happened was they had a big argument because she was jealous, they both hung up mad and that was that, but it leaked to JIVE (which by the way is the perfectly placed “SOURCE”wink wink) and they ran with it, of course as a publicity stunt but also to promote JT’s solo album. For the record the label is always the source.

  7. BabyBlue2578 says:

    We’re really starting this Britney-Justin mess again? I thought we were over it. Why don’t we just let them have whatever it is they have. Justin is an idiot and Britney is…well she’s Britney. He’s always talking about how he loves her and she’s his salvation. To hell with her! What about me. I’m the one putting all that money in his pocket. And he got the nerve to only talk about her all the time! I’ll let him have that. But no more rumors…please. Those two punks don’t deserve our time.

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