Sources Come Forward Alleging Simpson & Levine Fling

Though both sides deny it, The New York Daily News reports and Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine enjoyed a one-night stand in 2004 at the Sunset Marquis Hotel in Los Angeles. “Jessica and Adam were very close in the booth, and she kept putting her hand on his leg,” an eyewitness revealed. “It was obvious … that something weird was going on. A few days later, Adam was talking about how he and Jessica had ‘gotten it on’ in the hotel that night. Apparently it was just kind of a fling.”

New Reality Show For Single Jessica Simpson?

December 11, 2005 – The Daily Star reports that is thinking about doing another reality show, which would follow her life as a single woman following her split with Nick Lachey. “Her fans saw every moment of her marriage in ‘Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica’, so it makes sense that they should see the aftermath,” a source said.

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5 thoughts on “Sources Come Forward Alleging Simpson & Levine Fling

  1. ficklefan says:

    Further proof, that she is a gimmick. Why are people still talking about this idiot. She can’t do anything in her life without it being played out in tabloids, or on television. TEAM LACHEY 1000%

    Nothing would surprise me at this point when it concerns this woman. First, it was Bam and Johnny, now Adam Levine? I guess, she’s making up for all the years she didn’t screw. Plus, this may make her look bad, but it sure doesn’t make Nick look any better either….I guess, he can’t “take care of business”

  2. jazzprofounder says:

    Can’t they just give it a break already? Newlyweds was a cute and fun show while it lasted, but what could fans get out of watching an “aftermath” Newlyweds? It’s just pointless and is a desperate attempt to make Jessica’s life into a product again.

  3. Justifine says:

    The New York Daily News is a tabloid, name one thing it’s ever said that has ever been true. I’m so sick of the BS that keeps resulting from this lame publication.

  4. JLOVER101 says:

    I agree with you. Not to mention that’s the beauty of having a steady relationship’, ‘is that you grow together in all aspects, including sexually. When you first get together sex isn’t supposed to be great, but as you grow as a couple and lose some of your inhibitions and come to understand your partner it helps the sex life become so much better.

  5. popfan_23 says:

    Yeah…. Like that isn’t something that guys do… they’ll hang out with someone, and then go and tell their friends that much much more happened

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