Sources Still Claim Justin And Cameron Engagement

While rumors have flown for weeks about a Cameron Diaz wedding, the latest has the *NSYNC star marrying the actress on Valentine’s Day, perhaps on a secluded beach in Hawaii. Reps for both stars declined comment Tuesday, but a number of good sources claim to The Chicago Sun-Times that the couple are engaged, even though Timberlake has denied it.

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10 thoughts on “Sources Still Claim Justin And Cameron Engagement

  1. MeAgainstTheMusic says:

    Yeah I hope they marry! So in 10 years time Cameron will be a wrinkly faced 40 year old and Justin will just be getting outta his twenties. Man! what a GREAT match. Well I seriously feel sorry for Cameron too. having to wake up with that ugly, pasty faced and boring person that JT is. well it’ll be over in a few years anyway.

  2. angelgurl12 says:

    Please this is a stupid rumor ! Justin needs to move on he needs to get away from her. they don’t belong together.

  3. clayfan says:

    No way can this be true. Justin’s at the peak of his success, he has the world at his feet, and he’s too young to get married!

  4. justincaseyestwo says:

    Justin Timberlake is NOT mature enough or old enough to be getting married. This is being pushed by Cameron. There may be a big price to pay if he doesn’t come to his senses. What a shame. The way some guys can be manipulated by some women is so sad.

  5. Britneywindsor says:

    Get real y’all! Justin just got with this chick in June! He was with Britney for four good years before they even spoke about marriage and he actually was madly in love with her. When he’s with Cameron he doesn’t look happy, as his grandma said, don’t expect him to marry her because Brit is always welcome in their home!

  6. olivia1984 says:

    You people need to stop bashing Cameron and Justin. This is no different than Ashton and Demi. These are grown adults we are talking about and I think they can make their own decisions. And who says they don’t belong together. It doesn’t matter what a person looks like or how old they are, opposites attract.

  7. Ghetto_chick03 says:

    I’m still not understanding. Justin said to the Chicago Sun-Times that he wasn’t marrying anybody at this point and time. I seriously wish Justin would go and marry that ugly ho, I’d smack the ish outta him…. They aren’t getting married and correct me if I’m wrong, but if Justin and Britney would have gotten married, wouldn’t they have gotten married on Valentine’s Day also???? Whats the deal?

  8. effingJTallnightlong says:

    this sounds familiar, like when they said Justin and Britney would get married on Valentine’s Day. Remember that? and look what happened, they broke up. if that is the outcome, then Justin go ahead and get “married”. Ditzy Cameron should have married Jared Leto and now she’d be having kids before she’s too old. I’m ashamed to say she’s from my state.

  9. BritneyFreak86 says:

    Cameron, or Rosacea as I’d like to call her (Her horrid acne problem), needs to stop being a cradle robber and go date someone who is dumb enough to be with her. Justin and Britney need to get back together. Even Christina said they would get back together. If they get married….it won’t last two weeks. Sounds like another J.Lo coming on.

  10. Britneywindsor says:

    I hate to admit it but Justin and Cameron should just end the charade. They are both adults but they don’t see it like we do. Cameron needs to take her old behind back to Jared and Justin needs to go back to his one and only love Britney. Everyone knows it, why don’t they?!

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