Spanish Mariah Carey Fan Shares New York Experience

The girl from Spain that came to New York with several friends to meet Mariah shared in detail her experience on Mariah Carey’s official site message board. You can quickly tell by reading her story that this was a carefully crafted publicity ploy, which judging by the several magazines she was featured in worked wonders, though still a nice gesture on Mariah’s part.

TattooGirl wrote, “[The bodyguard] asked us where we were going to stay at and we told them that we got a hotel for that night but we were looking for a cheaper hotel since the hotel we got first had increase its prices, a little bit more of what we had expected. Then, JUST KIDDING, we told him: ‘We could spend the night at the Butterfly Guest Room’ He started laughing.” The fans actually had met Mariah before many times and the bodyguards recognized them. She later said while dining with the singer briefly, “[Mariah] wanted to see my tattoos and she even asked to a journalist to take some pictures of my tattoos!! After a photo session we talked to her for a while and she finally had to go.”

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