Spears Family Trying Hard To Get Britney Mental Help

TMZ hears the family of is plotting to get the troubled pop tart treatment of what appears to be a severe bipolar disorder by having Britney committed either voluntarily or involuntarily. Though Britney has so far refused to go the voluntary route, the family could go to court and get an order forcing her into in-patient treatment. Or, they could convince cops to pick up Britney again on a 5150, meaning she’s a danger to herself or others.

Instrumental in efforts to get Britney to a mental hospital has been her father Jamie, who has been pushing the idea on her for months. So far, Britney has refused, even refusing to undergo a battery of tests that would officially diagnose the bipolar disorder. The family believes that Sam Lufti has been blocking their efforts, and because of that, had him kicked out of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center last week.

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