Spice Girls Reunion Tour Behind The Scenes Footage

Geri Halliwell hugs Victoria Beckham and her figure hugging shiny outfitFootage of the Spice Girls rehearsing for their reunion tour has been posted online, with joking about grilling in an outfit that looked like she had been wrapped in tinfoil.

“I’ve just run the marathon, and I refuse to put one of those horrible plasticy silvery kinda coats on,” Posh said in her tinfoil-esque outfit.

Melanie Chisholm said, “We wanted to put on the greatest show by a pop band ever seen, and that’s I think what we’ve done, with the help of all the amazing people that have been involved.”

As for the girls long schedule on the road, Victoria said, “We’ve just been working so hard. For us as well, we go home and have families as well. My husband has been away for a month, I go home, and I have three kids to look after. I was up at 5 o’clock this morning, sorting everything out so that I’m ready to take the kids to school.”

Watch the clip below.

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