Stacie Orrico Wants To Be A Role Model

is hoping to present a new kind of role model for girls who look to pop stars for inspiration. “Young female artists in our generation have kind of made young women like myself feel like the only thing that we have is our sexuality, and if we’re not beautiful and we don’t have a perfect body then we’re worthless,” she tells Nekesa Mumbi Moody of the Associated Press. “And I think that’s sad because it’s so not true.”

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One thought on “Stacie Orrico Wants To Be A Role Model

  1. andrew says:

    i think that this post is wrong about stacie I know her first hand and I know she’s a perfect role model for young girls growing up she’s put herself thru so much to make the press happy and to be honest yes no one is perfect but she definetly tries her absolute hardest to make herself better then some of the other female artist out there that do some absolutely crazy things she stays low and down to earth she’s a great role model for young girls growing up .

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