Stacie Orrico: Why Some Call Her A Sellout

Contributed by shadybaby:

When Stacie Orrico’s career first started, she found success on the Christian music with her debut ‘Genuine’, an album of inspirational songs. Fans of her first album ‘Genuine’ now think the singer is a phony! Stacie tells about her situation to J-14: “The pop market goes, ‘She’s a Christian artist-her music must be lame,’ and on the Christian market side, it’s like, ‘She’s making music that’s also going to go to people who are outside of the church: She’s a sellout’.”

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6 thoughts on “Stacie Orrico: Why Some Call Her A Sellout

  1. Stallion says:

    I like Stacie Orrico this girl can sing. I met her to and she was very nice. More power to her

  2. kurdtkobain84 says:

    all those who call her a sellout are dumb. just because she is mainstream now and is gathering up success doesn’t mean she has changed her morals, you CACAHEADS!!!

  3. senoritax0 says:

    I think she’s extremely fake, I saw her in Orlando and she blew her fans off. and looked mighty snobby…. so my opinion.. sell OUT

  4. bravegirl says:

    why does she always say Christian music when she’s totally not why can’t she just chose which path she’ll take.

  5. EvanescenceSucks says:

    If she wants her music to be considered as “Christian music,” she can’t be singing a bunch of bubblegum pop songs about having crushes on boys. If it isn’t about God, it isn’t Christian music. Even Jessica Simpson knew better than to try to pass herself off as that genre… just because you have one or two songs about God on your album doesn’t mean you can continue to pass yourself off as making Christian music. At the very best, you’re a very religious pop musician.

  6. ballersfantasy says:

    Well I think she can sing. I bought her album after hearing her first two singles and fell in love with her album. In my opinion, she still has other inspirational songs on her album. I think when an artist crosses over into another genre of music, there’s always gonna be talk.

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