Star Claims AJ McLean Also Drinking At Golf Tourney

It appears the Sun got their drinking story about star from Star magazine. Not only is the accusation of a booze bender at The Lounge last month, but the tabloid also says McLean was spotted slipping Jack Daniel’s into his Coca-Cola at the Fairway to Heaven golf tourney in Miami. A source said, “A.J. wanted miniatures of Jack Daniel’s along with a Coke to drink as he trundled along in his golf cart. When I asked him if he just wanted me to get him a big bottle, he refused. It was obvious he didn’t want everyone on the course knowing he was boozing between holes.” AJ’s fiance phoned in earlier this week to strongly deny the charges, and suggested that she didn’t even want to tell AJ about the story as it would be too upsetting to him.

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