Steven Cojocaru On X-Tina, Kelly Osbourne’s Fashion Style

Steven Cojocaru, Access Hollywood’s and People Magazine’s fashion guru weighed in on his choices for ‘Best & Worst Dressed’ in Hollywood in the Sept. 23 issue of People Magazine.

On Christina Aguilera, he said, “What she wore to the MTV Awards — that sort of runaway street-walker look, ‘I just got off the Greyhound bus and I have to make some quick cash.'”

As for Kelly Osbourne, he commented, “On anybody else you would scream, ‘Fashion victim.’ The fashion victim alarm would go off, but with Kelly Osbourne — she does it with such pluck.”

Says New Album Is ‘Very Pop’

Ananova reports has described her debut album as “very pop.” She adds, “It was a whole new experience writing music. I don’t know whether my dad’s fans will like the album or not.”

As for the MTV hit ‘The Osbournes’ that was behind interest in her recording an album, Kelly said, “It has brought us together more as a family as we have had to spend so much time together making the show. But I have never watched the show. Why would I want to watch myself? It’s bad enough having to sit here and talk about myself let alone having to watch myself as well.”

Jack And Kelly React To Fame Differently

Jack and were speaking to Canadian media yesterday via a conference call from Los Angeles to promote the CTV premiere of ‘The Osbournes’, which will broadcast unbleeped.

Asked about fame, Jack admitted it was “really, really hard thing to deal with” but Kelly says, “I honestly don’t pay any attention to it. I have the same friends and I don’t act any differently. I don’t think that my lifestyle’s changed that much.”

Asked how her mother Sharon is doing in her colon cancer battle, Kelly said, “She’s doing great, thanks.”

Kelly Osbourne Drops Out Of ‘Freaky Friday’

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kelly Osbourne has pulled out of her movie debut in ‘Freaky Friday’, citing “personal reasons.” Kelly will be replaced by Christina Vidal. Kelly’s mother Sharon Osbourne was diagnosed with colon cancer last spring and has been undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

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