Stevie Brock Responds To Artist Posing As His Friend

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@steviebrock) on Sunday (January 12) with the following message:

As we all know there are a lot of posers out there that you need to beware of but there’s something new out there that I want to clear up. This has been brought to me and my manager’s attention by many of my long time fans.

There’s an artist out of Orlando, Florida that is telling a lot of people that we are good friends and he calls me all the time and leaves me messages and I never call back and don’t want his friendship. I want everyone to know I met this person once on a Triple Image video shoot back when I was 11 years old and I never saw him again after that day in my life and never spoke to him on the phone. He has never had my phone number nor have I ever had his. I don’t know why this is happening.

I didn’t want to send this bulletin because I only wish the best to everyone trying to make it in this business and I have nothing but respect for all artists but I refuse for anyone to pose as me or tell untrue stories about me to my fans. I realize that eventually I won’t be able to control any of this but while I can I will keep trying. I owe it to my fans who are the best!

There ain’t nothing like the truth and I live by the truth!

Thank you all for the support.


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  1. Valerie Patrice Lynch says:

    I tried to enter your contest but everytime I tried to type it did not let me.
    My comment is Never change.

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