Stop Beaching About The Megastars!

All of you people should stop beaching about which megastar is fugly, untalented, unpopular etc.! Madonna and Mariah Carey are in different generations of the Megastars and they aren’t even in the same genres! Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera aren’t even enemies! Christina said in November 2005 that she talks and writes to Britney!

All of these Megastar females are in different genres, have different vocal range, have different talents, have different images, have different popularity, have different star quality, have different personalities, have different lives!

Some are more talented! Some are more popular! Some are more beautiful,Some are better role models!

So everyone should stop beaching and just appreciate and admire their own unique Megastar! Stop comparing and attacking these Megastars which are completely different from each other! There should be peace and love in the world because Satan is making you hate and be negative for no good reason!

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