Stop The Insanity

Contributed anonymously:

Let me say firstly, I know this essay won’t make people stop with the battling or change anybody’s minds, but it may help them realize what they are doing.

So many people are writing vs. essays here on popdirt lately whether it’s about sales, popularity, more talented, whatever. Let me say that these essays are not going to change the star’s fans’ opinions. We like who we like and you won’t change it. I mean, it’s seriously like popdirt has become a total joke. Seriously, popdirt doesn’t even have good news anymore since it’s all filled with either 2 things: Essays or news about celebrities you don’t even know or hear about.

What you mostly have to understand is that no matter what you type won’t change us. Like people type at the beginning of their essays “This is for all the Britney fans that need the truth hammered into their heads” or whatever that person said. See its dumb stuff like that, that ruin popdirt for a good source of news.

I know everybody is titled to their own opinion, but at least give correct sales and status and don’t write “fan fiction” or bash another artist in your essays. Some people are ruining the privileges to speaking their “crazy” and “funny” thoughts.

So yeah mainly to you people that write these essays etc, get through your heads that there are 5 categories here on popdirt:
1: Britney Fan but hate Christina.
2: Christina Fan but hate Britney.
3: Fan of both.
4: Fan of neither of the two.
5: Don’t care about them.

So please stop and if you truly want to state your opinions, do it wisely.

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