Stop With The One Sided Christina And Britney Rants

Contributed anonymously:

I’ll just get to the point. Fans of either Britney Spears or continue to submit biased essays, insulting the other to prove just how successful their idol is, and it’s just getting plain annoying. Stop trying to define how Britney is more successful than Christina, or vice versa. Both have what it takes to be ‘successful’, they both have made record-breaking sales, they have both have made their mark in Pop history, each have received deserved recognition and both have a wide fan base.

Christina has proved that she has one of the best vocal abilities amongst her peers (Jessica Simpson), and from the Stripped Concert, proved she could capture an audience with her amazing talent as a singer.

Britney has proved to be one of the best entertainers in the past few years in the Pop World. She has become an icon in her own right.

These two artists should be respected for what they do best, which in the end are quite different to each other.

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