Studying Star Kisses

Judi James, the body language expert with telly’s Fame Academy weighed in on the kisses of several top celebrities including and Ben Affleck, and , and the most recent, David Beckham and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham. On Ben and J.Lo, she remarked, “J.Lo is putting her all into this pose and her acting could win an Oscar. She is trying to show how in love they are, with her eyes closed as she tilts her head up to him. But Ben clearly could not care – and this look is his specialty. Although he is holding her, it is not a tender embrace and his eyes are scanning the rest of the room. I always thought their relationship was a massive mismatch and this shot shows it.”

Jen And Ben Give It Another Shot

24, 2003 – The Sun had photos, since removed, of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck posing with Liberty County sheriff Don Martin, whom they thanked for watching over their Georgia mansion, and a shot of the pair holding hands while on their way to the courthouse.

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7 thoughts on “Studying Star Kisses

  1. fantasylover says:

    He has always looked that way in almost every picture they are taken in, especially during premieres. Jlo wants desperately for them to look in sync and in love, but Ben didn’t really care. I really do think that JLo is going to get really hurt by this, but as I said, what goes around comes around, because Ben really doesn’t look half as in love with her as she is with him.

    He also did the same thing at the Oscars. And why would he be thinking that he is too cool to be kissing his fiance? That is just as bad. Ben just didn’t look like he is as in love with her as she is with him.

  2. BroadmindedMusic says:

    I remember an interview where J.Lo was talking about Ben and she said, “This is the first time I’ve been scared…” In her past relationships, she’s been the “head honcho.” The one in control, financially and otherwise. This time I think she feels she’s met her match. She’s scared of losing him. She’s not used to having men like Ben Affleck.

  3. OohSexxy says:

    Yeah she’s not use to having men like Ben Affleck cheat on her. She said she’s scared? ha she should be Humiliated.

  4. weebongo says:

    One picture doesn’t mean anything. How they kiss in public and for the cameras is not how they would be kissing when they’re alone and in the bedroom. Ben is putting on an act like he’s to cool to be kissing J.Lo.

  5. popnicklover says:

    Maybe when that picture was taken, he was just annoyed by all the cameras and such. You never know how Ben and Jen kiss in private unless you spy on them or something. Maybe they really are “in love” and Ben just doesn’t like all of the publicity he is getting from it. So he tries not to be too much of a “show-off” like J.Lo appears to be.

  6. nunzillabreathesfire says:

    What about Madonna and Britney? That’s alright, we already know what that one meant: “our careers are failing faster than you can say ‘Bob’s My Uncle’ so we resort to shameless publicity stunts to revive them” Bah.

  7. Carrie says:

    This is my take- Ben has never looked in love in public with the women he has loved. I remember seeing him with Chayenne, his HS love and with Gywnnie and he looks the same with them as with J Lo, yet these are the women he has cared for. It’s just the way he is. I just think he’s conflicted and immature. He’s probably like John Travolta in Grease. When he’s around his friends and his family, he acts as if J Lo means little to him, but when he’s around her in private he shows love. I think that’s why she’s still with him. Maybe in private he’s somebody else. She’s obviously holding on to him still. There must be something there. If it were all lies, I couldn’t possibly see her sticking this relationship out.

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