Style Star: Christina Aguilera

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Brazen, Outrageous & Unrepentant, takes no prisoners. Like it or not, she is a force to be reckoned with and so is her over-the-top style, crazy red carpet costumes that no one else even dares to try on. Except for maybe Cher who Christina seems to share a closet with. Style Star takes a look at this talented ex-Mouseketeer who transformed herself from a squeaky clean pop princess to a Dirty diva all before she turned 21. You can watch Style Star on the Style Network on November 30, at 6:00 pm ET.

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8 thoughts on “Style Star: Christina Aguilera

  1. amusicfanofsoul says:

    I’ll be sure to tune in if I don’t have better things to do. I mean I know us Christina fans aren’t as obsessed like other fans we know. hey, she has a concert special the same day on the WB! that will be cool. show people how big her pipes are!

  2. 1stargirl says:

    More like Style Disaster: Christina Aguilera

  3. amusicfanofsoul says:

    Really.. then what is Britney? She copies Christina…corsets…fishnets…shreds!

  4. rangergirl says:

    GO Christina: You are free to change styles as much as you want. Also, I know BJ Spears & Co. talk one way about you when the cameras are on and another way behind your back. Yes she is a phony bitch BUT she won’t last as a singer (a sex symbol, yes, maybe) so BJ Spears singing days are numbered. Who you should look out for is her other pimped out little sister a total brat and an ass.

  5. JMAX says:

    You say that as if Christina is the first person to ever wear corsets and fishnets. Let’s not get into another discussion over who is copying who, because you can’t win.

  6. Maddfan says:

    DUH! Mark my words, she’d be getting ‘Best Dress’ awards in like 3 years. Everybody will remember her fashion style and how bold and daring she is. I mean you can diss the girl all you want but what your dissing at will be remembered as one of the most daring pop princess of the new millennium. Everybody can be ‘Best Dress’ especially if you have the money like Madonna has. But being a daring icon like Christina is difficult. And when she finally make it to the top, she will be laughing at your faces. Just like she said: ” They can label me the “worst dress” diva if thatmeans being bold and daring”

  7. musikluver says:

    Wow..! I didn’t know they just designed corsets and fish nets just this past year!

    You Christina fans seem to care more about Britney then you do Christina.

  8. amielynn says:

    There is no words for Christina. I’m not going to diss her. Ok I am but the things she puts on and goes out in ,OH MY GOD! She tries to hard relax Christina you will be fine.

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