Stylish Mariah Carey Strains In Search Of Soul

Joshua Klein of the Chicago Tribune reviewed ’s show at a reconfigured United Center on Tuesday night. Klein writes, “It’s fitting that the high-pitched virtuoso squeak Carey unleashed on nearly every song sounded like a balloon losing air, since the show seemed deflated almost from the first note.” He added, “The closest Carey came to something soulful was Def Leppard’s ‘Bringin’ on the Heartbreak.’ Other than that, the show was as rote and dispiriting as the ramshackle roadside circus the stage sometimes resembled. Maybe that’s what once mighty Mariah gets for picking a butterfly as her personal mascot: nice to look at, but not the best harbinger of longevity.”

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10 thoughts on “Stylish Mariah Carey Strains In Search Of Soul

  1. MariahsMan says:

    I find it odd that I just submitted a GREAT review of Mariah’s St. Louis show and it was not posted. However, this one was! And for the record, this is like the ONLY bad review for Mariah’s tour…so fans, don’t worry about it.

  2. lopez_lover says:

    yeah don’t worry, more bad reviews soon LOL!

  3. Monarc_2002 says:

    Actually I believe Lopez_lover and Musicman are some how how would I say this, “Good Friends”, due to the fact that any garbage that LO-Hopez Lover writes, gets posted but any Mariah fan doesn’t get their article posted. Anyways, strap your seat belts Lopez fans, because there is way more horrible reviews for Gigli and J-Ho’s new perfume which is called “Still Jennifer Lopez” which is a rip off from Jockey. LOL, Jennifer Lopez is such as worn out Hollywood hag. Mariah fans, don’t worry this article is irrelevant due to the fact that Mariah has been getting many WONDERFUL and FANTASTIC reviews for her Asian and U.S.A. tour. Congrats Mariah!

  4. Arman80 says:

    Joshua Kluts of the Chicago Tribune is not a constructive critic. From the beginning of this article till the end he bashes on Mariah. A good writer gives the facts and less of their opinion. Mariah has been getting great reviews from every other city and suddenly this guy comes up with this *****ty article. I smell hater! Maybe it’s LopezLover’s uncle hahaha!

  5. WaneJessicaSoSoDef says:

    Of course the majority of the good reviews are from Asia, They just sit in the audiences with glazed over looks on their faces screaming ‘moreah’ in their broken English. Just look how Mariah’s worshippers blood just boils when anyone doesn’t exactly kiss her flabby ass. Lambs need to stop acting like overprotective watch dogs, although I understand why they do it. She has no backbone, she simply runs into hiding when things get rough.

  6. Arman80 says:

    ^WaneJessica what you said was wrong on so many levels. Not only do you hate on Mariah but now also on Asians. You are such an ugly person implying that Asians don’t have the capability to pronounce “Mariah” correctly and that they just stand there like vegetables. Now I see why everybody dislikes you. I was simply stating that Joshua Kluts who reviewed the show could have been a little more professional with his article by stating more facts and less opinion. To prove you wrong, Mariah has had great reviews in Vegas as well as St. Louis, not only Asia! As far as Mariah going into hiding when things get rough, we must not be talking about the same person because the Mariah I’m talking about is a real trooper!

  7. SJ says:

    lopez_lover… b*tch you should know about bad reviews (Jennifer and Bennifer’s ‘Gigili’). This is not even a bad review you stupid whore. No bad reviews have come out of Mariah’s Charmbracelet Tour. He’s only saying that things could be better for that particular show. Its no wonder why she blew the house of in Las Vegas. Go MARIAH!

  8. mcarey4life04 says:

    Oh god! The only reason this article has TWISTED the truth is because they want drama. This is the only article to date that says the tour was bad. Opposed to like 45 articles. JHO fans hate on her cause she actually has talent and can sing. Can we just stop the hate?

  9. PaulNick19 says:

    Oh man, this reviewer is so obviously impartial to Mariah that his comments aren’t even credible. I will never understand why they allow critics to review artists albums & concerts that have absolutely no interest in the artist at all. It not fair for the public, or artist and its just senseless.

  10. Tig says:

    This reviewer is a hater. You can tell from the 1st paragraph, it’s so fashionable to hate on Mariah. It’s old now…the girl can sing. Back off.

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