Success For Britney Spears Yet Again

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It seems that there is no stopping Britney Spears, who is on course to debut at #1 in the UK albums chart. ‘Greatest Hits: My Prerogative’ is beating her biggest rivals to the top spot, selling over 140k this week so far. This comes as brilliant news for Britney, because this will be her first ever UK #1 album. Something not even her arch rival could achieve.

This is Britney’s fastest selling album for first week sales. Compare this to the first week sales of her other album:

Baby One More Time: 42K
Oops I Did It Again: 88k
Britney: 44k
In The Zone: 38k

Britney effortlessly thwart’s her rivals; while they are busy promoting their new releases, Britney is doing no promotion whatsoever but concentrating on starting a family.

Looks like Britney has stolen Christina’s crown as the leading lady in the UK, appart for Britney debuting at #1, another case that perfectly exemplifies this is when Britney and Christina released a single on the same week. Britney sold 41k, while Christina was far behind, selling a pathetic 29k stumbling in at #4.

It is not only in the UK that Britney is gaining success. Greatest Hits: My Prerogative sold a huge amount of 173k copies on its first week in Japan; this has become her first #1 album ever in Japan. The album raced all the way to number one, far ahead of its rivals. Britney’s last album ‘In The Zone’ debuted at #3.

Also in Ireland, Greatest Hits: My Prerogative debuted at #1 beating Irelands biggest boy band Westlife, who are huge competition as they are amazingly popular in Ireland.

It is not only Britney’s album that is achieving success, but her single as well. ‘My Prerogative’ is Britney’s third #1 single in Italy, and is #1 in Norway and debuted at #1 in Lebanon, making it 16 countries My Prerogative went #1 in.

In the US, Britney manages to debut at the top 5, which is a good achievment for a Greatest Hits album that she is not even promoting.

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