Sugababe Mutya Buena Admits She Was Mean To Heidi

Sugababes singer admits she was a bitch to new girl Heidi Range when the former Atomic Kitten joined the group. ”I found it very hard to adjust to the fact that she (Heidi) was the new girl,” she told the Daily Record. ”She was from Liverpool and we were from London. They are two different cultures. It’s a big difference to get used to. ‘So I did find it hard, and I did give her the worst week of her life. She’s a lovely girl and I never want anything to happen to her now, but I think it just proves that you can judge someone and not until after realize how close you can actually be. ‘I was really the biggest bitch of the week. I saw videos of some interviews we did and it was terrible.”

Sugababe Spotted Getting Cozy With Soccer Star

November 25, 2003 – After being spotted getting cozy with soccer star Sinclair in London’s exclusive Embassy on Friday night, Sugababe Heidi Range may have some explaining to do with her boyfriend and MTV TRL host Dave Berry. “Frank couldn’t take his eyes off Heidi,” an onlooker remarked. “She seemed to be enjoying the attention – loads of guys were giving her the eye. She was very popular.”

Ghoul In The Head

October 31, 2003 – The Sun reports Sugababes star believes a ghost is living in her new apartment in London. “I think I’ve seen a ghost. I don’t know if I was seeing things,” the singer revealed. “I have just got this place and the bathroom light keeps switching on for absolutely no reason – which is really scary.”

Sugababes’ Pals Get Homophobic At G-A-Y

October 29, 2003 – The Mirror reports that when the Sugababes performed at G-A-Y at the Astoria the other night, a few of their pals in the VIP area got upset with two men in the club who were openly kissing. “It wasn’t like they were having sex. It was just two blokes having a snog in a dark club,” said a source. “You see much worse in straight clubs most nights. But a girl and a bloke turned round and started giving the two guys real grief. They said it was disgusting and they got quite menacing with them. They said that they stop what they’re doing pretty damn quickly or else.”

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