Sugababes Discuss Twitter

Jade Ewen and Heidi Range of Sugababes talk about Twitter are out with their latest video clip promoting ‘About A Girl’, featuring Jade Ewen and Heidi Range offering their opinions about Twitter. Jade talked about deleting her Twitter page due to all the negative comments surrounding her replacing Keisha Buchanan, though she’s since gotten back online.

“I did have a Twitter page and I did recently delete it, which I’m really sorry about because there are some lovely fans out there who have shown us loads of support,” Jade explained. “But it is difficult, because you do also get some people that send some quite nasty and spiteful messages, so it’s a shame for those of you who have been lovely. We do appreciate it, and I think as well it’s a good way to say thank you and to be direct with you guys.”

Heidi continued, “I think the same. I really enjoyed doing my Twitter and it’s nice to chat with fans and stuff, but it’s been a tough few months and a lot has been going on, and really we’ve just been concentrating on dealing with that, rather than taking on board some of the negative comments that people feel the need to put on there. I’m sure we’ll be back on there soon when things settle down.”

The brief message at has since been removed.

Amelle Berrabah: I Needed An Escape For A While

November 19, 2009 – Amelle Berrabah is opening up about her time away from after being diagnosed with severe nervous exhaustion and seeking treatment at a retreat in Austria.

“It was a great chance for me to retreat from the real world. When I came home I cringed when I read in a magazine that I had been in a depression clinic but thinking about it, I guess that’s exactly what had happened,” Amelle told The Sun. “Everything had just got too much for me to cope with in recent months and I needed a place to go to make sense of the madness.”

The star added, “I just needed to escape for a while and feel good about myself and I was lucky enough to get the full support of my bandmates, the record label and all our loyal fans. I am back now and can’t wait to get started again.”

Read more, including comments from newest member Jade Ewen and the girl group’s longest serving member Heidi Range at

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