Superchick Talk Grammy Recognition & ‘Cross The Line’


Contact 29.18 interviewed Matt Dally and Trish Baumhardt from during the band’s stop at Crossroads Community Church in Ottawa Lake, Michigan. Matt talked about ‘Rock What You Got’ getting a Grammy nomination, something he always dreamed about. He said the track was one all the band members loved which made the Grammy recognition “an amazing experience.”

Talking about ‘Cross The Line’, Trish said, “When we wrote it, it became a theme song of the album a little bit, because it was our mindset was to not just make an album and not just make good songs, but to make, ‘I think it sounds great, but what more can we do.’ I think the guys worked like crazy on the guitar and bass parts. Melisa [Brock] and I would only sing every other day because we pretty much would blow out our voices recording because we really wanted it to be intense.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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