Suspicious Lindsay Lohan Activity In The Bathroom?

X17 reports and Brandon Davis engaged in “some very suspicious activities in the bathroom” of a house party in the Hollywood Hills. When those inside the bathroom spotted the paparazzi outside, they shut the window and subsequently started throwing food at the pesky paps. When LiLo emerged later in the morning, she was asked how she was able to stay up so late and the video they shot, viewable below was labeled “llohan111209coke.mp4”.

In response, Lohan told her Twitter followers (@LindsayLohan):

hahaha x17online posted photos of NOT ME inside someone’s bathroom…

All negativity&bad karma..nice try though kids-u should do a deal with michael lohan sr :) a match made in heaven! perfect, he’s religious!

Thank you for keeping my company!

Is it even legal to say such things like these bloggers do? Isn’t it defamation of character!?!? Slander maybe? Anyone? lol

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