Suzanne Shaw Settles Kym Marsh Hear’Say Beef

Feuding ex-Hear’Say members and apparently have settled their differences, according to The Mirror. A source revealed Suzanne made the first move when she called to congratulate Kym on her chart single. “I was so shocked to hear her voice, I nearly dropped the phone,” Kym admitted. Suzanne once called Kym and her husband Jack Ryder “the council estate [ie. ‘poor man’s’] Posh and Becks.”

Haircut Comment Draws Kym Marsh’s Ire

May 1, 2003 – The Daily Star reports former Hear’Say singer Kym got terse when a cheeky fan asked her “Who cuts your hair? The local council?” She retorted, “I detect a hint of jealousy here. It’s girls like this that love Jack [Ryder] so get really jealous I’m with him.”

Cry Baby

April 26, 2003 – Top of the Pops spoke with former Hear’Say star Kym and asked the singer if she cried when husband Jack Ryder first proposed to her. “He was so sweet when he proposed. It was lovely, so I did cry then,” she admitted. “On our wedding day, as I was walking down the aisle, Jack was crying his eyes out as well, so that really set me off! He was sobbing, like I’ve never seen a man cry before. So we were just blubbing from the minute I entered the church, throughout the vows, right until we left. It was a very tearful day!”

Kym Marsh Tries To Extend Family

April 16, 2003 – Doctors had reportedly given former Hear’Say singer Kym the all-clear to attempt to have a child with husband Jack Ryder after diagnosing her with polycystic ovary syndrome. But the couple have to play a waiting game after doctors told them it may not be possible for her to have any more children after all. Kym, who already has two children from a previous relationship, confessed, “We definitely want a child together and we’ve talked about it. I’ll continue to work and I would take a nanny with me so that I can be with the child. But we still don’t know for sure whether I’ll be able to have more kids.” She is upbeat, however, about their chances. “I’ve only recently been diagnosed with it, but I may have had it for years,” she added.

‘Make Luv’ Edges Kym Marsh To Top British Charts

April 14, 2003 – Dance band Room 5 kept its hold on the top of the British singles chart for a third week on Sunday with ‘Make Luv’ featuring Oliver Cheatham, the Official UK Charts Company said. Former Hear’Say member Kym saw her solo debut ‘Cry’ enter at #2, while Daniel Bedingfield’s ‘I Can’t Read You’ was the top 10’s only other new entry at #6.

Poor Man’s Posh and Becks Label Slides Off Kym Marsh

April 11, 2003 – Radio 1 spoke with former Hear’Say star Kym and asked the singer if she felt angry that the tabloids refer to her and hubby Jack Ryder as the poor man’s David and Victoria Beckham. “I just kind of ignore it, really,” she said. “It’s just one of those things that you have to realize is part of your job. You know, you can’t turn it on and off like a tap. You can’t have good press when you want it and bad press, you know – it doesn’t work that way.”

Kym Marsh Gets Solo Backing From Myleene Klass

April 10, 2003 – The Mirror reports Kym has received unexpected backing in her solo career – from former Hear’Say bandmate and heated rival Myleene Klass. “I wish Kym well,” Myleene said. “It’s tough in this business.” Klass even refused to rule out the band reforming. “Never say never,” she said.

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