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The tabloids versus the celebrities! Please , let me explain how it works, a tabloid calls the manager of the celeb and say I’m going to write a story about your artist is it ok, sure thanks. Then they write whatever they feel like. Then here comes the artist denying the reports and the story goes on and on for months. 99% of the artists are aware that something is going to be said about them and they play the game. The magazine sells the artist gets extra publicity and is free publicity. But the poor fans spend all of their money buying these magazines and believing the game. Show business is the business of make believe, they create a personality for you, lets make you the angry punk girl, and you are going to be completely opposite from your sister, change your hair too and say this and that and practice to talk this way, show business is as fake as Paris’s blonde hair and blue eyes. It’s bad enough all the lies artists tell their fans but kids don’t be fooled. Next story you’ll read from a tabloid has probably been executed and created by the artist itself or their PR people. And that is how it works.

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