3rd Wish ‘I Am’ Video Featuring PatMoe

3rd Wish 'I Am' single cover

3rd Wish are out with the music video to their new single ‘I Am’ featuring PatMoe. The Orlando, Florida boyband feature Justin Martin, Ricky Gonzales and Alex Acosta. Watch the video at YouTube.

The 411’s Tisha Laughs Off 3rd Wish Singer’s Romance Hopes

Germany’s Bravo caught up with the girls from The 411 and were asked about 3rd Wish star Justin Martin claims to want to date Tisha Martin. They laughed about the story and Tisha said while she did exchange numbers with Justin, that was the extent of their contact, and while she said he was “sweet”, she and her bandmates made it pretty clear it’s doubtful any romance would be happening. The interview clips (text in German, video in English), have since been removed from bravo.de.

3rd Wish’s Justin Hopes For Romance With The 411’s Tisha

3rd Wish star Justin Martin tells The Glasgow Daily Record he’s hoping to hook up with The 411 star Tisha Martin (no relation… we hope). Both groups performed in Germany earlier this year when Tisha and Justin struck up their special friendship. “We met 411 at the show and the whole band thought they were beautiful,” Justin explained. “I swapped numbers with Tisha and I’m hoping there is going to be a hot romance. We’re going to meet up at The Clothes Show Live this weekend in Birmingham to talk and chill. We’ll have a couple of drinks and take it from there.”

Bravo.de Video Chat With 3rd Wish

Bravo.de caught up with the guys of 3rd Wish for a video chat, where they talked about the group’s new German single ‘Nina’, filming the video, being competitive with each other going after girls, the kind of girls they prefer, advise for school-aged guys on picking up girls, their school memories, and their German speaking skills. The interview (text in German, video in English) has since been removed.

Vany Films ‘Pop That Melody’ Video

RTL was on hand as former No Angels singer Vany filmed the music video to her new single ‘Pop That Melody’. She also talked about her cameo in the 3rd Wish video for ‘Obsession’. RTL.de has since removed the video.