Jenny Berggren: My Wish Was To Stay In Ace Of Base

Jenny Berggren checked in with fans on her Facebook moments ago, commenting on the news Clara Hagman and Julia Williamson have been named as two new vocalists of Ace of Base, which apparently came as a surprise even though her brother Jonas is in the group. Jenny writes:

Good morning. FYI I have not been contacted about AOB until some days ago and since I am still a member and important deals around the band (who doesn’t involve me) are not settled yet, I am confused. Twitter and Facebook has been my voice. My wish was to stay in the band to make music in the future. Someone told me fans think I quit and left the boys alone, but the story is not at all this. I love you.

To say that I didn’t agree to a fourth member is wrong. I even gave names if I would have gotten a green light of the things I needed. For instance some control over the issues regarding the band. Once I was told not to meet up with a manager that would work with us “because I didn’t have the full picture of what we had been sold in as”. Who can work like that and have children? I need structure. All people do.

Ace Of Base Q&A On Album, Tour & Linn Berggren

Ace Of Base checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace on Friday (January 23), talking about their new album, tour plans, the status of former member Linn Berggren, fans and more. As for their comeback release, the Swedish pop band write:

– How is gonna be your new album? – It will be electronic or it will have also
euro-pop/euro-reggae style?
We are very inspired by the new romantic music from early 80s which was the music both Jonas and I (Ulf) grow up with. Electronic sounds with groovy new dance beats. My wild guess is that the new album will contain 50% up tempo songs and 50% mid tempo. On the mid tempo songs we are going back to our early AoB days… Redefined!

-With all the success you’ve had in the past, do you feel less pressure to hit the charts with the new album, or is it the other way around? In other words, do you care less about charts as you’ve had enough success before, or do you still need chart toppers to keep you going?
We still do care about chart positions but it doesn’t keep us sleepless. Most important for us is that we can continue touring and start our next world tour 2009!

– One of the new songs is called “Sparks”. Do you have another one?
We currently have 20 new songs we are working with for the new album.

The entire post at MySpace has since been removed.

Ace Of Base Backstage Before Bucharest Concert

Ace of Base checked in backstage at Sala Palatului in Bucharest, Romania on November 8th before hitting their concert. They talked about the venue, their normal routine on the day of a show. “We had a lot of requests during the 90s to come here to Romania, but we never had the time unfortunately,” Ulf Ekberg said. “It was one of the countries we couldn’t make it here. We’ve been longing to come here for like 15, 16 years.”

The comments at YouTube have since been removed.

Ulf Ekberg On The Status Of Ace Of Base

Ulf Ekberg of Ace of Base posted a video clip introducing the reunited Swedish pop group’s new YouTube channel, offering an update on what they’ve been up to and future plans. “We are now a trio. Linn (Berggren) is not with us anymore,” Ulf explained. “She’s doing her thing in Gothenburg. She’s very happy. And we continue working as usual. We’ve been in the studio since May 2007 and working on a new album which actually is becoming a very interesting piece of art. I think we’ll be ready with the album somewhere summer 2009. So the release end of 2009 is almost a promise, but you never know in our business. At least we are focusing on the single before the summer.”

The video at YouTube has since been removed.

Ace Of Base ‘Wheel of Fortune 2009’ Video

Ace Of Base 'Wheel of Fortune 2009' single cover

Ace Of Base are out a video for the remake of their first hit single ‘Wheel of Fortune’, featuring footage from the Swedish pop group’s live performances in 2008. The track is the lead single for the group’s new CD ‘Greatest Hits, Classic Remixes and Music Videos’, out November 10th. Watch it via YouTube below.

Ace Of Base Promise Uptempo New Album In 2009

Ace of Base updated fans on their YouTube channel, talking about their relationship with modern technology and how they will integrate it into their new album. “I think what we can promise you with the new album is something uptempo, you will still hear we are Ace of Base,” Ulf Ekberg says in the clip. “It will be fun. It will be very enjoyable, and it really will come out I promise you.” Ulf says to look for the new album next year.

The message at YouTube has since been removed.

Ace Of Base Is Back With ‘Beautiful Morning’

Ace of Base is back with the long anticipated debut Ace of Base single titled ‘Beautiful Morning’, which is the first single off their 4th studio album. This album will see Ace Of Base going back to their original style . A US release date is not known at this time, but a deal is being negotiated to release the album in North America.