Alcazar ‘Start The Fire’ Video

Alcazar 'Start The Fire' music video

Alcazar are out with the music video to their new single ‘Start The Fire’. Watch it online via YouTube below.

Queer Eye For An Oasis Guy caught up with Andreas and Magnus from Alcazar for a Q&A and asked the gay Swedish pop stars how they’d make over Oasis. “I would cut their hair, shut their mouths and get them some jobs,” Magnus joked. “Ha ha. You see, I don’t like Oasis. But I cannot tell you that because you’re living in the UK! They can pluck their eyebrows for starters. That will make them more glamorous.” Andreas added, “I hardly remember what they look like. Aren’t they hairy? When it began, their career, they were cool because they were angry and didn’t care. But then with the money and the drugs they became boring. I don’t have any idea about their last five years. They’re a hopeless case. Was that too harsh? I don’t care much about them.”