Alex Cartana’s Dream Of Meeting Michael Jackson Shattered

Alex Cartana

Alex Cartana checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@alexcartanamusic) on Friday (June 26), discussing her grief following the death of Michael Jackson on Thursday. The Spanish/British singer-songwriter and actress tells readers:

Words cannot describe the emotions flowing through me… I’ve lost a part of my Childhood, my Teen-hood, my Music-hood and Dream-hood… For years I had been longing to see him perform live and had endless dreams of meeting him in person, of course all these dreams have now been shattered into a gazillion pieces, for me and every fan around the world. I don’t want to be blasphemous, but he was like a God of Music to me, and I know millions of others would agree with this bold statement…

I remember doing an interview for Disney TV in the UK, back in 2004 when I was signed to EMI Records. During such interview, I was asked who my ‘Favorite Artist of All Time’ was, (because it was also around father’s day, the question was re-phrased to: who my ‘Favorite Celebrity Daddy’ was) in a heart-beat the words “Michael Jackson” came flowing from my mouth… why? Because to me he was and will always remain my Favorite Artist of all time and he just so happened to be a father too… I was content with my response, as I was finally able to express publicly, how very fond I was of this outstanding musician. Unfortunately, because of all the “Child” speculation that surrounded Michael, and because Disney “had” to be Politically Correct, my answer did not meet the standards. They called out “Cut!” as the interviewer leaned forward and whispered: “I’m sorry, you can’t say Michael Jackson on here” so whatever response I gave thereafter, meant nothing to me. That day I realized how manipulative the media can be, which is why I don’t believe any of the bad-mouthing that followed MJ. Nevertheless, I made damn sure that his name would feature in my Press biography, which was to be released along with my debut single…..

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