2009 Hasn’t Been Sunny For Alex Roots

Alex Roots

Alex Roots updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@alexrootsmusic) on Tuesday (September 1), complaining about getting no sun and fearing her upcoming Elle magazine photoshoot. The British pop singer writes:

I don’t really know what to write about today?? I loved yesterday in the sun, I had some family round for nibbles and BBQ food and I sun bathed for a while and NOTHING happened. Why am I so pale? Pale SNAIL. I have had no sun this whole year, feels so weird that I haven’t been on holiday I am really gutted I haven’t been able to everyone should have SUN! I already have to sacrifice skiing in case I brake something blah blah blah!

Alex Roots ‘Don’t Stop Looking’ Video

Alex Roots 'Don't Stop Looking' single cover

Alex Roots is out with the music video to her new single ‘Don’t Stop Looking’, the second release from the British pop singer’s debut album ‘Adrenaline Rush’, out soon via Good Groove. Watch it via YouTube below.

Alex Roots Guest Hosts ‘The 5:19 Show’

Alex Roots guest hosted ‘The 5:19 Show’ on BBC Switch, where the pop singer offered viewers fake news, a Deconstruct, did some busking, then a staring competition, and she performed her new single ‘Don’t Stop Looking’ live. Watch it all via YouTube below.

Alex Roots Performs At Her Old School

Alex Roots updated fans on her official web site blog on Wednesday (July 8), talking about performing at her old school. The 16-year-old writes:

Had loadsaa fun going back to my old school on Monday, Hawes Down it was really weird going back to the place where it all began! I got my little brother up to sing and he ended up getting picked by the audience as the winner so that was really lovely :)

Then after I went to Hawes Down I visited Kelvin Grove Primary school and it was just fantttasstic! The teachers and Kids were so welcoming and I got to go round to all the classrooms and meet everyone and tell them about competitions and my shows and hopefully they are going to try and come along to see me play!!!!

Read more and check out the pictures at alexroots.net.

Alex Roots Songwriting With Lauby

Alex Roots

Alex Roots checked in with fans on her official web site on Friday (July 3), talking about not enjoying the heat wave in England at the moment, attending Gossip singer Beth Ditto’s party, and working in the studio with Ryan Laubscher. Roots writes:

So this week I have been in the studio with Lauby we have been having a bit of fun experimenting with new sounds and just writing songs, not for me as such but to see if any other artists like them and also to have fun with it, it’s been really nice just chilling and not having the pressure of OKAY this song has to be the best it can possibly be. And because we have been more chilled and just relaxing we have managed to write four really cool songs, so yeah it’s been a nice way to spend the day :)

The post and pictures at alexroots.net has since been removed.

Alex Roots’ “Brilliant Weekend” Supporting Sugababes

Alex Roots updated fans on her official web site blog on Monday (June 29), talking about her shows in support of Sugababes. The ‘Fake’ singer writes:

Hey Guys, I had a brilliant weekend :) I was supporting the Sugababes in Canterbury and Cannock Chase! Canterbury was great, I got to meet DJ Ironik (will show you photo below) and just spend a lovely day in the sun! It was baking though, the humidity and the lights on stage, oh well sweat out those calories ay! Speaking of calories, finally pulled my finger out and rocked it up to the gym today. Wasn’t unfit which i was happy about, but oh my godddddd the heat, overbearing!

The post and several pictures from the tour at alexroots.net have since been removed.

Beyonce Leaves Alex Roots Speechless

Alex Roots checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@alexrootsmusic) on Wednesday (June 10), talking about her gig on Tuesday night and attending the Beyonce Knowles concert the prior evening. The British pop singer writes:

Thanks so much to the people that came to my gig last night at The Fly in London! We don’t let no tube strike ruin our night ayyy.

Cool gig, had fun. Met some lovely In4merz, and also someone called Alex who was lovely and told me she was my biggest fan! It felt so weird having someone get nervous to talk to me because i am just a normal 16 year old girl so thank you very much!

The night before my gig i went to see Beyonce, OH MY GOD, she left me speechless, she is literally the most talented female performer in the world, i even think she has taken over Madonna! And that is a statement! When she sings, i wanna cry, when she dances she is always the best out of all of her dancers!! And she can act too, SUPERSTAR!!!

Alex Roots ‘Don’t Stop Looking’ Video First Look

Alex Roots offered a little peek at her new video for ‘Don’t Stop Looking’ on her YouTube channel. The British pop singer promises to post more of the behind the scenes snippets until the video is released. Watch below.

Alex Roots Excited For ‘Don’t Stop Looking’ Video Release

Alex Roots checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@alexrootsmusic) on Thursday (June 4), talking about her ‘Don’t Stop Looking’ video, covering ‘Breakeven’ from the Script, and a gig opening for Sugababes. Roots writes:

Oh my god I saw my music video for ‘Don’t Stop Looking’ yesterday, I thought it was great and I cannot wait for you guys to see it, it is completely different to my last video and I am just so so excited to put it out there and get everyone’s reactions!

Look out for some little 40 second teasers of my video ‘Don’t Stop Looking’, they show some behind the scenes footage and things like that, me getting my hair and makeup done and all the technical sides of making a video!