Aly Michalka Attends ‘Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure’ Premiere

‘Hellcats’ star and 78violet member Aly Michalka struck a pose on the red carpet for the release of Ashley Tisdale’s ‘Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure’ premiere on April 6th at Soho House in West Hollywood. Watch video via YouTube below.

‘Hellcats’ Extended Trailer Ft. Aly Michalka & Ashley Tisdale

Get an early look at college life with ‘Hellcats’, coming this Fall to The CW, in an extended trailer posted at YouTube. The clip features Aly Michalka of 78violet dealing with her scholarship getting canceled by trying out for the school’s cheer squad, impressing the cheer captain Ashley Tisdale. Watch it at YouTube.

Ashley Tisdale And Aly Michalka Attend Cheer Competition

Ashley Tisdale and Aly Michalka attend cheer competition

Ashley Tisdale checked in with her Twitter followers (@ashleytisdale) on Sunday (April 11), after spending a day watching a cheer competition with her ‘Hellcats’ co-star Aly Michalka. The 24-year-old writes:

@78violet and I at a cheer competition lol. So much fun! [They’re] pretty amazing!

Ashley Tisdale Joins Aly Michalka On The CW’s ‘Hellcats’

Ashley Tisdale has signed on to star in the upcoming CW show ‘Hellcats’, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The series will also star 78violet singer Aly Michalka, who plays a college student who joins the school’s competitive cheerleading team to make ends meet. Tisdale will play the cheer squad’s preppy captain and will be Aly’s adversary. Ashley writes on her official web site’s blog at

I’m so excited for this project. I love the cast I’m working with and am so thrilled with the character I get to play.

Aly Michalka Appears On ‘Loveline’ With Dr. Drew

Aly Michalka with Dr. Drew at the 'Loveline' studio

Aly Michalka of 78violet (formerly Aly & AJ) appeared on Loveline with Dr. Drew on Thursday (March 11), which the 20-year-old mentioned to her Twitter followers (@78violet). Aly was on to promote the DVD release of ‘Bandslam’. An highlight clip will probably be posted soon at (full show archives require subscription). Aly writes:

Just getting to the Loveline studio now…excited to take ur calls tonight. Tune in. Xo aly

@drdrew thank u for another great time in the studio. Ur awesome. Hope to be back sooner than 8 months! Xo aly

Aly Michalka On Working With Lisa Kudrow

Alyson 'Aly' Michalka, seen here enjoying a drink while on vacation in Aruba, talked about working with Lisa Kudrow in 'Bandslam'‘Bandslam’ actress Aly Michalka talked with ITN about working alongside former ‘Friends’ star Lisa Kudrow and whether they sang her infamous song ‘Smelly Cat’ on set.

“She’s such an amazing actress and I really have so much respect for her just as a comedian and a person,” the 78violet star said. “She’s so down to earth and really taught me a lot. All of our emotional scenes we had together, she was so giving and really intuitive and just right on when it came to being in the moment. I appreciate that so much as an actress.”

Watch the comments below.

Aly Michalka Won’t Go Nude On Film

Aly Michalka of 78violet tells E! Online that moviegoers most likely won’t be seeing her nude. “I don’t think it’s necessary,” Aly tells Marc Malkin. “I think there are other ways to shoot a love scene or a sexy scene without taking your clothes off.”

Vanessa Hudgens Hating All About Boyfriend Jealousy?

Aly Michalka of 78violet tells E! Online’s Mark Malkin that people who have been giving her ‘Bandslam’ co-star Vanessa Hudgens a rough time over the second batch of leaked naked pictures may be doing it out of jealousy, since she’s dating Zac Efron. “I think that it’s about people being hard on people just to be hard on them,” Aly said. “It’s hard to avoid that sometimes… I think it really is based on that and I think maybe her being with Zac.”

Aly Michalka Touts More Mature ‘Bandslam’

Aly Michalka spoke with ITN about her new musical movie ‘Bandslam’. “I think it’s a little more mature than ‘Camp Rock’ or ‘High School Musical’,” the 78violet member said. “I think it also has real music in it, that is from classic artists like David Bowie, like Cheap Trick.” Watch the report below.