Amanda Latona And Sarah Martin

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I recently visited popdirt to discover someone had posted and article about Amanda Latona being signed to Simon Cowell’s ‘S’ records. This news itself was not what disturbed me. The thing that I found odd, was the comparisons made in this article.

This person pitted Amanda against Sarah Martin, and claimed Amanda has a loyal, long standing fanbase and support, while Sarah does not. This is untrue. Sarah does still have a large fanbase, and to be quite frank, the Amanda/Sarah comparison is very similar to the Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera comparison.

Simon Cowell And Amanda Latona

Contributed anonymously:

It appears Amanda Latona has been signed to Simon Cowells label overseas. This information was released to Amanda’s fans via her long standing fansite, Amazingly Amanda.

You may remember Amanda as ‘A.J. McLean’s ex. Or as a former member of the all girl group Innosense. Beyond that, her fame has been very limited. She was briefly signed to J records, but was let go from the label for unknown reasons.

Vixens On The Verge profiled ‘Vixens On The Verge’, including Amanda Latona, Jene, Rosey, Aselin Debison and Rose Falcon. Amanda told them how she describes her style saying, “Each song is different, but it all fits the same type of music, which is rock/pop. There’s a theme of independence for women on it.”

Amanda Latona Comments On Leaving Innosense has a special feature on when bands break up, and spoke with former Innosense member Amanda Latona, who is set to release her debut solo album this fall. “When I left Innosense, I was like ‘whoa, what do I do?,'” she said. “I had to leave this group and there’s this possibility that they could be really successful, but I’m leaving because I’m just not happy.”

Amanda Latona’s Music In ‘Slap Her She’s French’

Two track by Amanda Latona will be featured in the upcoming film ‘Slap Her She’s French’ starring Matt Czuchry and Jane McGregor. The movie is due in theaters on August 30th, and the Amanda songs featured in the movie are ‘Can’t Take it Back’ and ‘Without You.’

Amanda Latona Comments On New York Times Feature

Amanda Latona checked in with fans on her official Yahoo group following her big write-up in the New York Times. Latona said, “Ya know when I went in to this interview, I was kinda expecting (but not really ya know) that the reporter might give a version of the story that’s not really the way I said it, or told it, or heck, did it. And through this I’ve learned that you can’t always be happy with every word that’s printed about you, (I guess it’s a good lesson to learn now right?) lol. My main concern was that everyone (and I know you guys do) knows that I sing what I want to and wear what I want to, and my opinions and input mean EVERYTHING to J-Records, and always has. We work together as a team and in no way has anyone tried to make me something im not. I’ve always made the decisions for myself.”

Amanda Latona Tries Not To Think What Others Do

Amanda Latona is featured in a huge article in the New York Times by Lynn Hirschberg. Latona says after she left Innosense, she knew she wanted to be a solo artist. ”I didn’t know exactly what style, although Britney was really big,” she recalls. ”But I try not to think about what other people do, because it’s either intimidating or it makes me competitive or jealous. I think of my career almost like a research project. I try things and look at what works and what doesn’t work.”

Amanda Latona’s Album Could Be Out By Year’s End

J Records’ Official Amanda Team sent a message out to fans on the status of Amanda Latona’s debut CD. The message states, “So many of you have written in and asked me if it is really true that Amanda’s CD will not hit stores until 2003. Here’s the deal, Amanda is still recording and has completed 8 tracks for the CD. It looks like she might have the CD done in time to be out by the end of the year!”

Amanda Latona Does Photo Shoot For Album Debut

Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean’s former girlfriend Amanda Latona will see her debut single ‘Can’t Take It Back’ hitting radio on July 22nd, according to fan site ‘More Than That’. The site goes on to say, “Amanda recently did the album photo shoot in new york and it went awesome! she had several outfit changes, the photographers were really really good, and the shoot lasted from 9 in the morning until 9 at night and they got tons of great shots. she’s trying to pick out her favorites and choose the pictures she wants for the single cover, the album cover, the back of the album, and the inside booklet shots.”

Amanda Latona’s New Album Still In Limbo

According to a recent feature in CosmoGirl magazine, Amanda Latona was supposed to see her already delayed debut single ‘Do You Still’ hit the radio in April, in preparation for her debut self titled album. Still no sign of the single from the ex-girlfriend of Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean. Speaking of, she did leave a somewhat stalker-ish looking letter (buy hey, she does admit “Dude, I’m crazy!”) to fans on her official website saying of her single life: “I am single… no boyfriend! You’ll be able to relate [to her new album] if you’re single too! Or have been hurt by a guy, or lied to by a guy.”