Amie Miriello Joins David Archuleta On Tour

David Archuleta updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@davidarchuleta) on Monday (March 23) as the ‘American Idol’ season seven runner-up wraps up his headlining tour, joined for the final dates by Amie Miriello. The Utah teen tells readers:

Hey muchachos y muchachas! David here, and I’m in Pocatello, Idaho for our show here tonight. I have to get ready for the show tonight, so I’m going to try and be quick here. Lesley’s not on tour with us anymore :(. I’m really going to miss her, but I wish the best for her! I think she’s going to be doing some TV appearances pretty soon, so look out for her! Amie Miriello will now be doing the last few shows with us. She is AWESOME. Her album is one of the albums I’ve been listening a lot too lately. I’ve mentioned her in one of my blogs before for her song “Snow.” It’s one of my favorite songs. So I hope you guys enjoy her! It’s really exciting to have her on board for a bit haha.

Amie Miriello Finished Filming ‘Brand New’ Music Video

Amie Miriello checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@amiemiriello) on Friday (March 13) after filming the video to her single ‘Brand New’. The Stamford, Connecticut singer songwriter tells readers:

So.. The video went amazingly. I made great friends and I have a feeling you guys are gonna freak out when you see it!!! I am home in NYC for a little and on Sunday I go to Florida for a gig and then back to LA.

I don’t wanna jinx myself, but things are looking really good lately, and I’m just so excited to see how much things will progress this spring and summer.

I hope you are all well, and I cannot wait to post my video when it’s done being edited!!! Ah…it’s so fu**in cool!!!

Amie Miriello: It Feels Kinda Good To Be Validated

Amie Miriello checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@amiemiriello) on Thursday (February 12). The singer songwriter tells readers:

Things have been going really well since I’ve been here in LA. The shows are amazing… I got the placement in “The City”, and now I’m being asked to write for not only pop stars, but big movies! It feels kinda good to be validated… yet I put no stake in what anyone says. I’ve learned to keep my expectations fairly reasonable… while keeping my hopes high!

Amie Miriello Meets Her Idol Fiona Apple

Amie Miriello checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@amiemiriello) on Monday (January 12), discussing her chance encounter with Fiona Apple on a flight to Los Angeles. The Stamford, Connecticut singer songwriter tells readers:

I’m getting on the plane to head to LA….In front of me online is this thin and oddly dressed woman who clearly looks like she’s trying not to be looked at. I think nothing of it at first, but as I’m walking on the plane I see her go to her seat in first class. At that point I wonder who it is and happen to catch her profile while walking by. It’s fu**ing Fiona Apple!!! She is by far one of the most amazing singer/songwriters to ever grace this planet. I literally had to force myself to my seat and sit on the plane for 5 hours knowing that my idol was just a few feet away. I sat next to a nice man, but all I could concentrate on was Fiona and whether or not I was going to be dorky enough to talk to her. Knowing her music so well and reading a lot about her… I kinda knew she’s not the type to want to be noticed or bothered at that… so I felt very nervous and intimidated. When the plane landed I prayed to see her at baggage claim and thankfully I did. Her eyes were crystal blue and of course she was beautiful. I decided that I couldn’t let her leave without at least saying something. When I approached her she looked very timid and all I said was “I don’t want to bother you at all… but I just want you to know that I think you’re an incredible inspiration and I couldn’t not say something. You’re one of my all time favorites and I hope you have a great night.” She smiled and was so nice to me. I went to get my bag and literally had tears welling up in my eyes. When I was leaving she looked at me, smiled and waved goodbye. It was the coolest thing that has ever happened to me.

Amie Miriello Checks In After Attending ‘Pal Joey’ Opening Night

Amie Miriello checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@amiemiriello) on Friday (December 12). The Stamford, Connecticut singer songwriter tells readers:

So I went to opening night of Pal Joey (last night) on Broadway, staring my bestest friend Matt Risch! He was so amazing it cannot be explained in words. There were all these famous actors and Directors sitting all around us, and after the show at the after party it was amazing to see all of these important people kissing his ass!!! YES! It made me really happy.

Afterwards some of us went to this club (hate most clubs) and it was pretty much the most god awful experience ever. The people at those places make me wanna barf. I swear to god every girl on the bathroom line with me was 6’2, in need of a pizza, and cracked out on something… I was the only girl in the whole place that had any meat on her bones (I am not lying… the only one). For once instead of making me insecure about not being super skinny… it made me feel hotter and sexier!!!

Ladies…woman bodies are beautiful!!!! I am learning finally to love mine


Amie Miriello Takes A Break From Touring

Amie Miriello updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@amiemiriello) on Wednesday (October 29) on a break from her tour with Bob Schneider. The Stamford, Connecticut singer songwriter tells readers:

I am home from tour for a few days and although it’s great to be back, it is literally butt ass freezing and it’s making me wanna stay in all day long.

I have decided that no matter how many people talk, and how good or bad the shows go, I’m going to be a big girl and play a great show every night for the people that are listening. I am lucky to be a musician and will not be one of those annoying people who complain there life away only to look back and say ” I guess that was fun, I should’ve enjoyed it”.

I will head out in a few days to start the east coast part of the tour and I am really looking forward to it. I think I’ll have a few more fans this time, and I plan to make many more.

How’s everyone handling winter??? It kinda happened over night.

anyway- I’ll keep updating

ps- vote!

Amie Miriello Learns How To Deal With Inattentive Audiences

Amie Miriello updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@amiemiriello) on Sunday (October 19) while on tour with Bob Schneider. The Stamford, Connecticut pop rock singer tells readers:

So tour is awesome… Bob is amazing and cool as hell, and his band is so much fun! Living on a bus is kinda hard but fun as well. I just have to figure out how to shower everyday and not to become a crusty hippie… Although it may be the best way to deal.

I’m trying to eat healthy and workout but it’s fu**in hard on the road…

Some shows are great, and others are brutal. It’s just hard to play for a huge room of people that are talking loudly through your set… I’m learning to get through it, but it feels sh**ty. Then there are shows where people really listen and even know words to my songs which is such a great feeling. I guess you take the bad with the good.

I can’t wait to hopefully see all of you at one of the shows!

Amie Miriello, Amy Lee Friendship Forged From Disdain Of Music Industry

Amie Miriello spoke with LAist in a Q&A, where the singer, who has toured with artists such as Gavin DeGraw and Teddy Geiger, and who is friends with Amy Lee of Evanescence, was asked about some of the best advice you’ve received from other musicians. “Amy’s a really free spirit. I don’t think she really gives a sh** about that kind of stuff,” Amie responded. “We actually became friends recently and we connected because we’re so sick of everything having to do with this industry right now. We’re so sick of what is considered to be cool and hot. I think that the best advice that any of them have given me is just to not think about that stuff and not be persuaded to change so that I can be more what people think is cool—slutty or poppy or anything. None of the people who really make it who are truly cool ever let themselves be something that they aren’t. I think I kind of did for a while, and now I really don’t want to. I think that pop has been given a negative connotation over time, but the essence of pop is just popular music. I think that if you put that in context, it’s a positive thing. I try to remember that.” Read more.

Amie Miriello Deals With Tequila Hangover & ‘Crazy Crackhead Woman’

Amie Miriello updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@amiemiriello) on Saturday (October 4). The Stamford, Connecticut singer songwriter, who just released her debut album ‘I Came Around’, tells readers:

I’m in LA writing now and it’s fun, but of course I brought the sh**ty weather with me.

I’ve had a really weird day…I woke up feeling like Satan’s asshole this morning because I think I literally had 100 tequila shots last night (my friends in LA kill me)… Then I got followed back to my friends place and basically stalked by a crazy crackhead woman this afternoon and it was very very scary. I literally was running from her and had to call my boyfriend for moral support. He was like, “If you can’t defend yourself against an elderly crack woman, I don’t know what to tell you”… I can always count on him to make it ok….hahahahaaha

I’ve written some pretty sick pop songs with some great friends/writers and hopefully I’ll get a cut on somebody’s record because I could use a couple bucks. If I got super rich that would be pretty sweet too, but I’d be happy with anything.

Amie Miriello Discusses ‘I Came Around’ With CNN

Amie Miriello talked to CNN’s Shanon Cook about her debut record ‘I Came Around’, her evolution as a singer, artist’s she’s toured with, trying to stand out in a crowded field of female singer songwriters and who among them she admires, and how her favorite part of everything is songwriting. “Whether or not I become a huge star or just kind of known or not known at all, I want to be a writer forever,” Miriello said. “There’s nothing more gratifying for me than finishing a piece of work and playing it for myself.” Mixed in with the interview, Amie and her best friend Jay performed the title track. Watch the feature below.