Amiel Daemion Hopes To Finish Third Album Early 2009

Amiel Daemion checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace on Thursday (December 25), offering an update on the status of her follow-up to her 2005 sophomore album ‘These Ties’. The Australian pop singer tells readers:

Best Wishes for the Holidays! Thanks for the comments, support and good wishes.

I am currently in Melbourne catching up with my family- well, half of them anyway.

Hope you are all having a lovely Holiday Season however you are celebrating.

Hope you also managed to forget about the economy for a while :)

It’s times like these we remember what really matters- family, friends, the connections we share with others… it’s these shared experiences that can bring real contentment.

Whisper and I are hoping to get the record finished by early next year. For those of you asking about a release date… it’s too early to tell at this point but I promise to keep you posted.

The entire post has since been removed.

Warner Music Releases Amiel Daemion From Her Contract

Amiel Daemion checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace on Sunday (November 16), announcing she has been released from her contract by Warner Music. The Australian pop singer tells readers:

Well it took some time but I did it!…

After lengthy negotiations with my (former) label I have been fully released from my contract and am no longer bound by the exclusive terms…

It may sound strange to all you budding artists out there – that I would try for so long to get out of my contract – when you would give anything just to get one…

But there are indeed, always two sides to every coin.

The full post has since been removed.

Amiel ‘Round And Round’ Video

Amiel 'Round And Round' single cover

Amiel Daemion is out with the music video to her new single ‘Round and Round’, from the Australian pop singer’s forthcoming album ‘These Ties’, released in Australia in October. Watch it online below.

Amiel’s A Musical Contradiction In Terms

Andrew Murfett of Beat magazine spoke with Amiel Daemon, who admitted that musically, she is a contradiction in terms. “Well I write really poppy tunes but I love really dark production and I am a singer-songwriter who is also dance-y and I like a lot of different styles of music,” she said. “It took me and everyone and who we are working with some time, but eventually what drove us ahead and got the album finished was me being able to stand up for myself. Also, them learning that it had to come from me otherwise what have we got? The vision is being diluted.”

Amiel Interview And New Video On FlyScreen

This week’s Fly Screen features an interview with Amiel Daemion, who talked about her forthcoming album, her acting aspirations, her previous ‘Love Song’ video, and more. Afterwards, they play her new video ‘Obsession (I Love You)’. has since removed the episode.