Angel Carter To Launch Revamped Website With New Address

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Ashley, who was the webmaster of Angel Carter’s official website just announced that she had closed She also says that Angel’s model agency will have another official one open very soon at Since she’s also a singer now, they want very professional and big stuff. Check it out soon.

Angel Carter To Become A Recording Artist

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Angel Carter, the sister of popstars Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys and solo singer Aaron Carter is about to start her first album soon. Her official website reveals that she is “in talks with record label and is planning to become a recording artist“.

According to the website Nick will help Angel to manage her album and possibly write some songs for her.

The site adds that Nick already wrote a song for Angel called ‘True’. As Nick has already worked with Angel’s twin, Aaron Carter, we expect him to work too with Angel on her upcoming album.

Bob Carter Wins His Case, Carter Kids Have Mock Trial

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Angel Carter, sister of Nick and Aaron Carter, posted this on her official site on October 20th: “Hello everyone this is Angel I just wanted too let everyone know that I will now keep everyone updated with a diary on my web site. I have been so busy lately which is why I have not posted in the message boards First of all I am so excited because Ashley moved down too my house with me and is living here now. She’s going too be one of my dancers when I start too sing. Other then that last Thursday Ashley, Leslie, Nick, Aaron, my dad and my mom all had too go to court for the mess that happen in August. My dad won the case we all testified for him but during the day me, Nick, Ashley, Leslie, Aaron and my friend Vanessa all had fake court trials to keep us busy. Nick was the judge. lol! Anyway, I am so happy that my dad won. This weekend we went out on the boats with all my family and practiced for my dad’s boat race which my family and Ash are going too go to in Deerfield. Hope too see you guys there and I will talk to you all soon love you all. AngelC”

Angel Carter Speaks Out Against Her Mother?

Angel Carter, sister of Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter and Aaron Carter, reportedly posted on her official board several times tonight under her user name “Angel”, and proceeded to tell everyone that her “*****ty mom [Jane] has kept her from going to any of her brother’s shows this summer” along with another comment where she said after being asked if she’s been touring with Aaron: “Hey everyone I want you to all know that I have not been on the tour at all. I haven’t even seen the show yet. My mom won’t let me on the tour. Me and my mom don’t even speak anymore.” Jane and Bob Carter are currently involved in a bitter separation after Bob was arrested earlier this month for domestic battery.

Angel Carter Says Bob Is Innocent

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Angel Carter left a voicemail message on her official site clearing up some rumors about her parents Bob and Jane Carter. In the message, Angel says, “Hello, everybody. This is Angel Carter. I just wanted to let everyone know that whatever you heard or read about my dad hurting my mom is not true at all. All that really happened was just an argument over the divorce. Yes, my parents are getting divorced. On another note, I just want to thank all of you fans for always being there for me no matter what. I love you all. Thanks. Bye.” As many of you have heard, Jane Carter filed charges against Bob for domestic abuse. Bob has always maintained that he’s innocent. The police found no evidence of physical abuse. And now, both Angel and Nick Carter have made statements confirming Bob’s innocence as well.